Europe by the Mediterranean

Tale of cruising the Mediterranean - Summer 2014

A 7 days and a lifetime of memories.
The Royal Caribbean International! An experience with water! 
3 Countries 6 cities and unlimited fun on water.

View from the staterooms
Upon arrival and after the issue of the state room keys we entered this marvellous wonder. With about 12 floors every piece of this royal was just exquisite.
City tour - Rome & Vatican
The staterooms were just apt. Small rooms with a balcony to catch the first view of every port we would visit each day. With ample dining options you will defiantly not miss being on land. From fine dining to buffet the cruise had it all.All day pizza eateries,cafes were prominent places in the Royal Promenade.
With early morning sunrise, setting off the sun at the shores. Awaiting to get the glimpse of a new city every morning. Shows, plays in the evening each day. And a day long activities while in the cruise made this a perfect tour.
Rushing to the balcony each morning to catch the first sights of a new place & seeing the sun rise was truly mesmerising. As the sun sets we would bid adieu to the city and return to the staterooms every evening. We would then rush to get onto our best attires for an evening full of activities on the cruise. Dance plays, skating performances promenade party. On of the highlights was a disco themed party.
Glimpse of the city of Nice from the staterooms.
Details on the places visited: 
The journey began from Barcelona. 
Each morning the cruise would drop into a new city. Beginning with Marseilles then Nice, Pisa, Roma and Naples being the last stop.

City tour Nice
You get to spend the entire day in the city and have to return back by 6 in the evening.
Post 7 there are plenty of activities as mentioned above on the cruise. Keep checking the news letter shared each day so you don't miss any :). 
Royal Caribbean from one of the ports. 
A cafe in Barcelona we stopped for coffee.

On the last day the journey from Naples to Barcelona being over 36 hours you can spend quality time exploring the amenities in the cruise or choose to try your luck in the casino ;) 
City tour Barcelona.
Rock climbing,a full-sized volleyball & basket ball court, a game of table tennis, a game of golf, flow ride name the sport and I m sure you will find it.
Enjoy a game of golf
h20 zone water park jacuzzi and a large fitness centre are the various option you can choose from to spend your time while cruising.
The varied dining options on the cruise are simply fantabulous. From Sorrento's Pizzeria to Promenade Cafe and the Ben & Jerry Ice cream are just great. Don't miss dinner at Michelangelo dinning hall. A 3 course meal awaits you at the dining slot mentioned on your state room card. Do check the same and plan well.

Don't not forget to get a picture clicked with your favourite Dreams work character all while you are cruising.
You could also get lucky to meet and get clicked with the captain!
For a perfect titanic like pos you should visit the Level 4 of the cruise.
Tip :
Book your city tour well in advance. Do checkout the cruise newsletter for daily updates of the cruise.
There are plenty food options available for free on the cruise. Do keep note of the same.There is plenty of shopping options too. 
Deck 4 of the cruise. Must visit for a picture perfect.